April 24, 2024
Cartoon Character with Dreadlocks

People have often thought of dreadlocks, braids, and other hairstyles as ways for cartoon figures to show their cultural and spiritual identity. These hairstyles can help kids see themselves on TV and in movies. And they can also give characters more depth and meaning.
Cuts like dreadlocks, braids, and locks can mean different things depending on the story and the person.
It might show what a person believes spiritually or how much they care about their culture and past.
It’s a great way for characters to demonstrate their individuality and potency.
Look at some of the most popular cartoon characters with dreadlocks.

Susie Carmichael – Rugrats

Character Susie Carmichael is made up and appears in the cartoon TV show “Rugrats.” Long, thick dreadlocks are what make her hair stand out.
You can make a dreadlock called a lock if you braid or mat your hair.
People from any country or background can wear this style, even though it is often associated with the Rastafarian movement.
People often use Susie’s dreadlocks to show how independent and sure of herself she is.
She is strong-willed and independent, and she’s proud of how she looks and her background.

Cartoon Character with Dreadlocks– Rugrats

Nils Nielsen- Gundam Build Fighters

The black cartoon figure Nils Nielsen with dreadlocks is memorable. He is from the anime “Gundam Build Fighters.” His long, thick dreadlocks are more than just a fashion statement; they show what kind of person he is on the show.
People from many different countries and backgrounds wear dreadlocks. But they are rooted in the Rastafarian movement.
In “Gundam Build Fighters,” Nils is a calm, sure-of-himself character who loves making Gunpla models and fighting with them.

Cartoon Character with Dreadlocks- Gundam Build Fighters

Wasabi –Big Hero 6

In the animated movie “Big Hero 6,” Wasabi is careful and loyal. He has a unique, exact, and stylish style.
Wasabi has a cool and sophisticated look thanks to his well-kept dreadlocks and great sense of style.
As the team’s expert in cutting-edge technology and martial arts, he keeps his need for order and desire for adventure in balance.
Wasabi is very careful with every detail. And it shows in his stylish dreadlocks and superhero clothes.
Wasabi is a unique character in “Big Hero 6.” His swag makes him stand out as he helps his friends or cuts through things with his laser-sharp blades.

Cartoon Character with Dreadlocks Big Hero 6

Maurice (Numbuh 9) – Kids Next Door

Maurice, also known as Numbuh 9 from the animated series “Kids Next Door,” brings the cool factor with his dreadlocks. His hair, always tucked under a cap, is often a subject of intrigue. It makes him seem even more mysterious and chill, which fits perfectly with his part as a former agent turned undercover teen.
His dreadlocks show his rebellious side. It also shows his unwavering dedication to the Kids Next Door and their goal. Maurice’s hairstyle gives him more depth, showing he’s not just another kid. But someone with secrets and experiences that make him interesting.

Cartoon Character with Dreadlocks – Kids Next Door

Mira Naigus – Soul Eater

Mira Naigus from the anime “Soul Eater” has a unique haircut of thin, rope-like dreadlocks, making her look like a death scythe.
Mira’s dreadlocks are not just about style; they are her weapon. They show how flexible she is and how ready she is to fight because she can change them into different tools.
Her dreadlocks, usually seen floating around her, echo her intense personality, evoking a sense of intrigue and fear.
They reflect her strength and agility, embodying her intense energy in each fight. It is why Mira Naigus’ dreadlocks are a big part of who she is, making her one of the most well-known anime characters with dreadlocks.

Cartoon Character with Dreadlocks – Soul Eater


Cooper, the strange and cute character from the cartoon movie “Trolls,” has a charm that makes people want to watch more.
Cooper is always happy and up for anything, with his crazy personality and brightly colored hair on top of his head.
People of all ages immediately fell in love with him because of how carefree he is, how funny he is, and how full of energy he is.
The bright hair accessories and glitter that Cooper has added to his dreadlocks make them look very alive.
Cooper is a cartoon character who stands out because of his swag and undeniable charm. He does this whether he’s going on an exciting trip or making other people happy and positive.

Cartoon Character with Dreadlocks-Trolls

Pickles –The Metalocalypse

Pickles, the enigmatic drummer from the animated series “Metalocalypse,” is a force to be reckoned with in the world of heavy metal.
Pickles is the epitome of rock and roll defiance. His wild dreadlocks fly in time with the thunderous beats of his drums.
His eccentric style and bandanas, tattoos, and piercings represent his rebellious spirit.
As a made-up member of the metal band Dethklok, Pickles has a special mix of raw talent, uncertainty, and a “devil may care” attitude.
His swaggering dreadlocks go great with his out-of-this-world attitude, making him a memorable cartoon character. He represents the wild spirit of rock music.

 Cartoon Character with Dreadlocks-The Metalocalypse

Jodie Landon – Daria

A well-known character from the cartoon show “Daria.” Jodie Landon represents intelligence, drive, and inner strength.
With her sure confidence and perfectly styled dreadlocks, Jodie gives off an air of grace and truthfulness.
Because she is smart and naturally a leader, she never gives up when things get hard in high school.
Jodie’s swag comes from how well she does in school and how she can fight for social justice and break social rules.
Her dreadlocks are dressed in a way that makes her stand out and reminds us of how much she values her heritage.
Jodie Landon is a strong and sure-of-yourself cartoon character. She tells people they shouldn’t be afraid to follow their dreams.

Cartoon Character with Dreadlocks- Daria

Otto Rocket – Rocket Power

On Nickelodeon’s “Rocket Power,” Otto Rocket is the major character. He has curls on his head and is a strong surfer and skateboarder. He loves the beach and dangerous sports, and his dreadlocks show that. They also show how wild and free he is.
People often see his sun-kissed dreadlocks flying in the wind as he does dangerous stunts. They represent his free spirit and his “ride the wave” attitude.
They give his character a unique look that distinguishes him from his peers. The fact that Otto has dreadlocks shows how fearless and full of life he is, making him a real star among animated sports fans.

Cartoon Character with Dreadlocks – Rocket Power

Sideshow Bob –The Simpsons

Show on the side Many people think that Bob, a main character in “The Simpsons,” has the best dreadlocks of any comic character. His character is easy to spot because of his deep, smooth voice and big, red, fluffy dreadlocks. He used to be Krusty the Clown’s helper.
Even though Sideshow It is shown that Bob is smart and likes high-class things like opera. He is, however, dangerously crazy and obsessed with killing Bart Simpson, the show’s main character.
Not only does his weird attitude make his dreadlocks stand out, but they also make the shows he comes on funny.

Cartoon Character with Dreadlocks -The Simpsons

Skeeter and Baby Scooter – The Muppet Babies Cartoon

Skeeter and Scooter are well-known characters in the “Muppet Babies” series. Their wild loc-style hair makes them stand out as cartoon characters with dreadlocks.
This animated show follows the imaginative adventures of younger versions of Jim Henson’s famous Muppet characters. It shows their exciting experiences as kids and their lively personalities.

 Cartoon Character with Dreadlocks– The Muppet Babies Cartoon

Goo – Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends

On the cartoon show “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends,” Goo is a wonderfully strange character full of energy and creativity.
Her wild and colorful dreadlocks perfectly reflect how wild and artistic she is. Goo is unique among her foster home friends because of her contagious joy and endless creativity.
Goo has a swag that can’t be denied, whether making up silly imaginary friends or entering her worlds.
Her unique style, which includes fun accessories and colors that don’t go together, makes her even more charming.
Goo’s animated dreadlocks perfectly show how lively she is, making her a memorable and sassy cartoon character who causes color-filled chaos everywhere she goes.

Cartoon Character with Dreadlocks- Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends

Nadine – Hey Arnold

Nadine from the popular show “Hey Arnold!” stands out regarding cartoon kids with dreads. Her long, thick dreadlocks and the beautiful singing of Tisha Campbell-Martin make her easy to spot.
Nadine is shown to be smart and sure of herself. An independent young woman often adventures with the show’s main character, Arnold.
Nadine is still a favorite character among show fans, even though she doesn’t have a main part.

Cartoon Character with Dreadlocks– Hey Arnold

Libby Folfax

Free Will “Libby” The voice of Danielle Folfax, Crystal Scales, makes her stand out among female cartoon characters with dreadlocks. She is very important to the Jimmy Neutron series.
Initially shown as a one-dimensional character in the shorts, movie, and first episodes. The character goes through a lot of changes as the show goes on.
Libby gradually emerges as the group’s most grounded and rational member.

Cartoon Character with Dreadlocks-Libby Folfax

Ethan Clade -Strange World

An interesting Disney black character from the animated show “Strange World.” Ethan Clade gives off an air of intelligence and mystery.
Ethan has a captivating personality that draws people in. His dreadlocks frame his face. Because he is mysterious and knows much about the unknown, he is a real expert on the strange and supernatural.
The trench coat that Ethan wears all the time. And all of his complicated amulets make him look cool and mysterious.
Ethan Clade’s swaggering dreadlocks blend nicely with his charm, leaving people engaged and wanting more insights into his amazing world, whether he’s reading ancient books or going on adventures on other planets.

Cartoon Character with Dreadlocks-Strange World

Only 15 common characters with braids are listed above. Do you guys have any other ideas? Feel free to add them in the comments section!


This trip is very interesting. It takes us into the colorful world of animated figures whose braided hairstyles show who they are.
We’ve seen braids that represent power, individuality, and cultural heritage in everything from the mischievous dwarves of Misty Mountains to the exciting world of Gundam Tron and the funny world of The Simpsons.
You can see these animated characters. And their braids show how flexible and different the cartoon world is.
We hope you find this interesting look at 15 great cartoon figures with dreadlocks as much as we did.
You will be inspired to see past the surface and value the depth of what makes each character special.



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