April 24, 2024
15 Ugly One Piece Characters You Know for Sure!
Here's a list of 15 One Piece characters who might not win a beauty contest, but certainly win when it comes to being memorable and impactful to the storyline. Despite their unconventional appearances, add depth and variety to the series.

One Piece is a very popular anime. The success of this anime is not only because of the fascinating plot and wonderful fighting scenes but also the vivid portrayal of the characters. Like ugly One Piece characters who might not win a beauty contest, but certainly win when it comes to being memorable and impactful to the storyline.

In One Piece, there are a lot of characters, including many handsome and beautiful characters. However, there are also a lot of characters who are so ugly that many fans don’t like them.

Today, I’ve listed 15 ugly One Piece characters for you. See if you know these characters below!

15. Alvida

Alvida used to be a tall, very fat, black-haired woman with freckles on her face. Alvida lost weight after eating the Devil Fruit and became a different person. Former Pirates commander “Iron Mace” Alvida. The first villain Luffy encounters at sea is her.

ugly one piece characters/Alvida

Alvida thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the sea, even though she used to be much fatter and less cared for. If someone didn’t agree with her, she would hit them with her iron club.

14. Charlotte Perospero

Perospero is the Charlotte Family’s oldest son and the Minister of Candy in the Big Mom Pirates. He is known for his smarts and ability to plan. Perospero has the power of the Pero Pero no Mi, a Devil Fruit of the Paramecia type that allows him to make and control candy at will. This power lets him make weapons and traps out of candy, making him a tough opponent.

ugly one piece characters/Charlotte Perospero

Perospero is a very tall, thin guy with brown eyes, a pointed nose, pink lips, and a long, thick tongue. He smiles a lot, but sometimes, like when his mother scared him, his smile turns into a horrified face.

13. Giolla

Giolla is a very big woman with big facial features, a big chest, and skinny legs. She has a pink bead necklace and a purple dress with yellow flowers.

ugly one piece characters/Giolla

Giolla’s skills are based on her Devil Fruit power, Ato Ato no Mi, which lets her turn people and things into strange works of art by touching them with her brush. She can turn people into live works of art, which leaves them unable to move and at her mercy. She can also change her art and use it to hurt people.

12. Hannyabal

Hannyabal is shown as a tall, strong man with a big pompadour and a handlebar mustache that make him stand out. He is usually seen wearing the Impel Down uniform, a black suit, and a hat with the prison’s sign.

ugly one piece characters/Hannyabal

Even though he seems serious and stern, Hannyabal has a funny side and often acts in a dramatic and over-the-top way. He tends to overreact, and showy or attention-seeking people can easily control or get him off track.

11. Shinobu

Shinobu is shown as a middle-aged woman with long purple hair and a thin body. She usually wears traditional Japanese clothes, like a kimono, and takes a big kunai knife with her most of the time. Shinobu is very good at sneaking around and being a spy, which makes her a valuable asset in covert missions.

ugly one piece characters/Shinobu

Shinobu has a Devil Fruit skill called Juku Juku no Mi that allows her to make herself and anything else she touches more flexible and elastic. This power lets her stretch and bend her body, which makes her a quick and sneaky defender.

10. Foxy

Foxy is a tall, skinny guy with silver hair, a pointed beard, and a clear fox-like look. He is in a purple captain’s coat and a big pirate hat with fox ears. Foxy is known for being easygoing and relaxed. He is often seen grinning mischievously.

ugly one piece characters/ Foxy

Foxy’s Devil Fruit power, which is called Noro Noro no Mi, is one of the things that make him stand out. This Paramecia-type Devil Fruit allows him to emit beams of light that temporarily slow down anything they touch. He can control time with this power, which gives him an edge in battles and other competitions.

Foxy plays a big part in One Piece’s “Long Ring, Long Land” arc, where he invites the Straw Hat Pirates to a Davy Back Fight. Even though he starts as a big problem, the Straw Hat crew beats him with teamwork.

9. Trebol

Trebol is easily recognizable because he has a large, round body covered in a sticky, mucus-like material. He hides his face with a gas mask and dresses like a clown with a pointed hat and bells. Most of the time, he fights with a big spiked stick.

ugly one piece characters/Trebol

Trebol has the Devil Fruit power called Beta Beta no Mi, which is of the Paramecia type. It lets him make and control a sticky, glue-like material. He can make and control this material at will and use it to attack or defend. He can catch enemies, stop them from moving, and even turn his body into a sticky mass to defend himself.

8. Vander Decken IX

Vander Decken IX is a tall, thin guy with long, flowing hair and a distinctive mustache. He wears a dark suit, a coat, and a captain’s hat with a crown and a feather.

ugly one piece characters/Vander Decken IX

He is very polite, as he showed when he met Hody Jones for the first time. He ends his lines with “I think” a lot. He also doesn’t want to be under anyone else, so he doesn’t join the Arlong Pirates. However, he is ready to work with anyone who wants the same thing as him as long as he is treated equally.

7. Bentham

As a member of Baroque Works, he was once Luffy’s enemy. But the two quickly became friends, and Bon Kurei gave his life for Luffy at Arabasta and Impel Down, becoming one of his most important partners during that Story Arc.

ugly one piece characters/Bentham

Bentham’s ability to change his look with the help of the Devil Fruit Mane Mane no Mi, which is of the Paramecia type, makes him unique. By touching someone, he can copy their looks, voices, and ways of doing things. Because of this skill, he is a great impersonator and can fool people and go on undercover tasks.

6. Emporio Ivankov

As an Okama, Iva is a guy who dresses like a woman.

Ivankov can change hormones in themselves and other people. They can change the size, shape, and even the gender of their bodies. Ivankov can also put hormones into other people, which can temporarily make them stronger or weaker.

ugly one piece characters/Emporio Ivankov

The first time we see them is in the Impel Down arc when they help Monkey D. Luffy save his brother. Later, during the Marineford War arc, Ivankov takes an active role in the battle against the Marines. This shows how great their fighting skills and ability to plan are.

5. Demaro Black

Demaro Black led the Fake Straw Hat Crew. To exploit his fame, he pretended to be Monkey D. Luffy, but Sentomaru caught him and imprisoned him.

ugly one piece characters/Demaro Black

Because of what he did, he can be seen as the main bad guy in the Return to Sabaody Arc, even though he wasn’t a threat to the heroes.

Black seems to get by only on his ability to control other people. He isn’t very good at fighting.

4. Hody Jones

Hody Jones is a merman who looks like a great white shark. He is the leader of the New Fish-Man Pirates, a group of extreme fish-men and merfolk who hate and resent humans. Hody has a strong grudge against people because he has been mistreated and treated badly by them.

ugly one piece characters/Hody Jones

One thing that makes Hody stand out is that he takes Energy Steroids, which briefly boost his physical abilities to extreme levels. This makes him stronger than even the biggest fish-men and gives him the speed and power out of this world.

3. Duval

The group of pirates led by Duval is called the Flying Fish Riders. He is first shown as a strange and scary figure who wears a helmet that completely covers his face and acts like he will hurt someone. But it turns out that his real identity differs greatly from how he initially looked.

ugly one piece characters/Duval

The World Government goes after Duval because he looks like Sanji, and they think he is the real Sanji. But when Duval meets the Straw Hat Pirates, they see that he is not guilty and help him clear his name.

After meeting the Straw Hat Pirates, Duval admires and appreciates them very much. He changes how he looks and acts, removing his scary appearance and becoming a loyal friend to the crew.

2. Marshall D. Teach

Marshall D. Teach, known as “Blackbeard,” was the captain of the Blackbeard Pirates, later becoming an admiral and one of the Four Emperors. He is also the only person in history known to possess the power of two Devil Fruits.

ugly one piece characters/Marshall D. Teach

He ate the Logia-type Devil Fruit Yami Yami no Mi, which gives him control over darkness. He can use this ability to make and control darkness, which makes him almost invulnerable and able to take hits. He also gets the Gura Gura no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that gives him the ability to send out powerful shockwaves.

1. Gekko Moriah

Gekko Moriah is the leader of the Thriller Bark Pirates. He is famous for being very big and having a unique look. He is unusually big and fat, his hair is long and shaggy, and his mouth is stitched. Moriah also uses a huge scythe, which is his main weapon.

ugly one piece characters/Gekko Moriah

Moriah’s Devil Fruit power, the Kage Kage no Mi, which lets him control shadows, is one of his most interesting skills. He can pull shadows from living things and use them as real things. Moriah can make strong zombie servants who work for him by putting shadows into dead bodies.

Moriah’s final goal is to gather and use the shadows of powerful people to make the biggest and strongest army of the dead. He sets up shop on Thriller Bark, a huge ship resembling a floating island. From there, he captures people and takes their shadows.

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