April 24, 2024
What Happened to Celine Dion Health [Updated 2024]

Grammy-winning “My Heart Will Go On” Canadian singer Celine Dion, also widely referred to as Queen of Power Ballada, is currently struggling with her health. The 55-year-old singer was detected with stiff person syndrome in December 2022, after which her health had deteriorated. In May 2023, she canceled her entire 2023-2024 tour. Fans all over the world are worried about Celine Dion health and are praying for her speedy recovery.

Unfortunately, it seems that the prayers are not working, as in December 2023, Celine Dion’s sister, Claudette Dion, shared a disturbing update in a review.

How Old Is Celine Dion? And Is Celine Dion Sick?

Celine Dion health

How old is Celine Dion? Celine Dion was born on March 30, 1968. She is 55 years old now.

Dion has had a great career for many years, known for her strong vocals and emotional performances.

Many people are concerned about “Is Celine Dion sick? Why haven’t we heard from her lately?”

Well, there is bad news.

In late 2023, Dion canceled the remainder of her “Courage World Tour” because she was suffering from a serious neurological condition called Rigid Person Syndrome.

Next, let’s talk about Celine Dion health condition and the illnesses she has experienced in the past.

December 2022: Celine Said She Had Stiff Person Syndrome

Celine Dion has canceled the rest of her “Courage World Tour” because she is not healthy enough to perform after being diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome.

In December 2022, Celine Dion posted a video in which she talked about how she has stiff person syndrome and how it affects “every aspect of my daily life.”

Celine Said She Had Stiff Person Syndrome

Unfortunately, these spasms affected every aspect of her daily life. The stiff person syndrome made it hard for her to walk and stopped her from singing the way she normally does.

“Great team of doctors” are working hard to help Dion get better, but she said it had been a “struggle.”

“All I know is singing. It’s what I’ve done all my life and what I love to do the most,” she said.

Celine Dion: ‘These spasms affect every aspect of my daily life’

Her fans poured their love and support towards her. One commented, “I’m praying for you, and I believe you will get better soon ❤️❤️❤️.” Another commented, “I love you, Celine Dion. I will pray for you every day, inshallah. Good will stand by you. Be well and have blessed days always.”

August 2023: Celine’s Sister Shares a Hopeful Update on Celine Dion Health!

Celine's Sister Shares a Hopeful Update on Celine Dion Health!

Celine Dion’s sister, Claudette Dion, who is also a musician, shared some recent updates about Celine Dion’s struggle with Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS) in December 2023 with 7Jours magazine.

Claudette Dion described her sister as a “strong woman” who is “making every effort to recover from the illness.” However, due to the lack of known treatments, their family feels helpless and can only hope that medical researchers will eventually “find a way to treat this terrible disease.”

Celine, who was already in a lot of pain due to the neurological disorder, has now lost her control of muscle movement. Claudette Dion stated that what breaks her heart is that Celine has always been very careful of her health and how, in spite of leading a healthy life, she still got detected with the above syndrome. Claudette remembers how their mother always imagined her daughter’s future as a successful stage performer.

Claudette said, “Some people lose hope because it’s such an unknown disease if you knew the number of calls the foundation receives about Celine! People tell us how much they love her and pray for her.”

2018: Celine Had to Cancel Performances for Ear Surgery

Celine Dion Had to Cancel Performances for Ear Surgery

In March 2018, Celine Dion canceled a series of shows in Las Vegas to undergo “minimally invasive surgery” to correct her dilated Eustachian tubes.

In normal circumstances, the Eustachian tubes in the ears are usually closed, but in Celine’s case, they would intermittently open and close, causing issues with her hearing and singing.

Her team explained in a statement on Facebook at the time that this condition resulted in Celine having “abnormal hearing and extreme difficulty singing.”

Celine’s team stated that the singer planned to undergo minimally invasive surgery to address this issue.

“I’ve been having some bad luck lately… I was really looking forward to getting back on stage, but this situation happened… I can’t believe it!” Celine expressed this in a message to her fans on Facebook.

2016: Celine Dion Suffered from Depression and Anxiety

Celine Dion has been open about her struggles with depression and anxiety following the death of her husband, René Angélil, in 2016.

In an interview with Good Morning America, she stated that “the only thing she wanted was the things she can’t have depression and anxiety, particularly following the death of her husband, René Angélil, in 2016.

She has talked about how difficult it was for her to cope with his loss and how she experienced a range of emotions, such as sadness, fear, and anger. In an interview with The Sun, she said that music had been her “therapy” during this time and that she was “taking things one day at a time.”

Despite her own problems, Dion has been a strong voice for mental health understanding and has worked to remove the shame that surrounds mental illness. In the past, she has talked about how important it is to get help when you are having mental health problems and has encouraged others to speak out and share their stories.

Celine Had Fertility Challenges and Did IVF

Celine has always longed to start her own family. Since she was the youngest of fourteen children, she was always with family. Through her determined struggle, she is now the mother of 3 sons, all conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Celine Dion's sons

After Celine had IVF, she and her late husband, René Angélil, had their first boy, René-Charles, in 2001.

Celine Dion's first boy, René-Charles

However, their second attempt at pregnancy caused even more trauma and lasted longer. In fact, Celine revealed that she had to undergo 6 rounds of IVF before successfully becoming pregnant for the second time.

In 2009, she unfortunately suffered a miscarriage during one of the IVF attempts.

The process of miscarriage was tough, but Celine temporarily kept it a secret, saying, “They said I was pregnant, and a few days later, we weren’t pregnant anymore.”

Celine and René’s sixth IVF cycle proved to be successful. In 2010, at 42, Celine announced that she was pregnant with fraternal twins.

Celine announced that she was pregnant with fraternal twins.

She also revealed that she was originally pregnant with triplets but sadly lost one of the babies early in the pregnancy.

Dion finally got pregnant after a lot of fertility treatments. In October 2010, she had twin boys named Nelson and Eddy.

About Celine Dion Health: Celine Is Holding Out Hope

Insiders have revealed, “Celine is keeping her condition private, but her life has changed significantly. She has been seeing neurologists, holistic therapists, occupational and physical therapists, and other experts.” They added, “Despite this, she remains hopeful about overcoming the difficulties.”

“Celine is practicing yoga and undergoing therapy to recover and return to the stage next year.” They continued, “She refuses to accept defeat. She needs the treatment. And there is a lot of rest and recovery involved.”

The insiders concluded, “She is doing her all to fight against the illness. She just wants to perform live in front of her audience again. She is determined to be on stage. Unfortunately, her illness has prevented her from doing what she loves the most… But knowing Celine, she will be back performing in no time.”

Celine Dion Health

To all the friends and fans concerned about Celine Dion health, let’s pray together for this great singer! We hope she gets well soon and returns to the stage she loves so much!


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