April 24, 2024
Pokemon Mystery Box: A Must Try for Pokémon Fans!

If you’re a Pokemon fan and you like to buy Pokemon-themed things, such as Pokemon cards, then you should definitely give the Pokemon Mystery Box a try!
Why do I say so? You can find the answer in this post!

What Is a Pokemon Mystery Box?

If you’ve tried something mystery box-related before, then the concept of a Pokemon Mystery Box won’t be a big deal to you.

Simply put, a Pokemon Blind Box is a package or bundle that contains a random assortment of Pokemon-themed merchandise and collectibles.

Some mystery box platforms will tell you what’s inside and the odds of drawing each item before you draw it. On the other hand, some mystery box platforms won’t tell you what’s in the box until you receive the item and open it.

Miracle Box PokeDeck Surprise Box

And the appeal of mystery boxes is the unknown surprise and the chance to find unique or rare things that might not be easy to find elsewhere.

The contents of a Pokemon Mystery Box can vary widely. Still, typically, they include a mix of items such as trading cards, figurines, plush toys, stickers, and sometimes digital rewards for Pokemon video games. For example, in Pokémon GO, a Mystery Box might contain a special item that, when activated, attracts the elusive Mythical Pokemon Meltan for a limited time.

What Can You Get from the Pokemon Mystery Box? Take Miracle Box as an Example

The contents of each mystery box platform can vary a bit—some are mostly Pokemon cards, while others have many different Pokemon-themed items.

Now, let me take the recently popular mystery box game Miracle Box as an example. It’s got both Pokemon cards and a bunch of Pokemon-themed gadgets. Here’s a look at what the Miracle Box might contain:

  • Trading Cards: A staple of Pokemon merchandise, mystery boxes often include a selection of Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) packs or individual cards. You can find common cards here and rare, holographic, or even limited-edition cards that fans really want. Miracle Box has dozens of trading cards, such as Alola Friends, Charizard EX, Luigi Pikachu, and many more.
Trading Cards at Miracle Box
  • Pokemon-themed merchandise: The Miracle Box Pokemon mystery boxes include wearable items with Pokemon designs, like watches, headphones, and bags. It also includes Pokemon accessories such as Pokemon gaming chairs, keyboards, stereos, mice, keychains, and alarm clocks. These Pokemon-themed items allow Pokemon fans to show off their Pokemon pride.
Pokemon-themed merchandise at Miracle Box

While there is already a wide variety of Pokemon items, Miracle Box always continues to upload more Pokemon-related mystery boxes.

The Mechanics of Pokemon Mystery Boxes

The Pokemon Mystery Box is based on a simple idea: it’s like the “gashapon” system common in many video games, where players get random items.

The core of the Pokemon Mystery Box is randomness. What kinds of items are inside is usually up to the seller or the game company. There’s a list of possible items that could appear in any given box, with some items being rarer than others. For example, a Pokemon Sword and Shield theme box might have items unique to the Galar area and its native Pokemon species.

Pokemon Mystery Boxes at Miracle Box

When players buy a Pokemon Mystery Box, they’re paying for the thrill of the unknown and the potential value of the items inside. These boxes are usually sold at a set price, usually less than the total retail value of the items if purchased separately. This gives the buyer a sense of possible savings and value.

Another fun thing about the Pokemon Mystery Box is that you might get something rare or unique. It’s possible to find a rare thing in one of these boxes, which usually contains both common and uncommon items. One example of a limited edition Pokemon TCG card or a special version of a Pokemon plush toy could be inside the box. Fans and collectors are both very interested in finding such a valuable item.

In general, the Pokemon Mystery Box is a fun way to mix excitement, luck, and the joy of collecting. With the element of surprise at its core, the mechanism is simple but interesting, playing on our desire for the unknown and the thrill of possible rewards.

How Much Do Pokemon Mystery Boxes Cost?

It looks like this is the question that interests you the most.

Well, the price of Pokémon Mystery Boxes can change a lot depending on what kinds of items are inside, how rare they are, what the box’s theme is, and whether The Pokémon Company or a third-party creation made it. To help you know how much a Pokemon mystery box costs, here are some of the well-known mystery box platforms contains Pokemon mystery boxes:

1. Pokemon Plug

Pokemon Plug
  • Price: $24.99 to $2999.99
  • What’s in the mystery box: comprehensive items

2. Poke-Collect

  • Price: $14.95 to $500
  • What’s in the mystery box: Pokemon cards & comprehensive items

3. Miracle Box

Miracle Box
  • Price: $4.99 to $19.99
  • What’s in the mystery box: Pokemon cards & comprehensive items

4. eBay

  • Price: No fixed price.
  • What’s in the mystery box: Pokemon cards & comprehensive items

Tips for Buying Pokemon Mystery Boxes

  • Verify Authenticity: It’s common for Pokemon merchandise to be fake. Make sure the seller is offering genuine products, especially if the box is supposed to contain official Pokemon items like trading cards or plush toys. Check out mystery box platforms that give each item an open-source verifier. For example, Miracle Box gives you an open-source verification for every mystery box item you win to make sure it is 100% real.
  • Know What’s Inside: While you won’t know exactly what you’ll get from the mystery box, the platform usually provides a list of the items the mystery box contains. That way, you can be sure it fits with what you’re interested in. For example, if you like collecting trading card games, look for boxes that might have trading cards in them.
  • Consider Shipping Costs: When you buy something online, the shipping cost can add a lot to the total cost. Find out where the box comes from and how much it costs to ship.
  • Set a Budget: It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, but setting a budget can help prevent spending more than you intended.
  • Check the Return Policy: Find out how the seller handles returns before you buy. Most mystery boxes can’t be returned, but it’s still a good idea to know the rules in case you get something that’s broken or not real. Choose mystery box services that let you return items. One example is that in Miracle Box, players can recycle things if they draw something they don’t like.



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