April 24, 2024
what is today's wordle

Wordle’s daily word guessing game has been highly addictive since 2021. It’s completely free, super easy to master, and only takes you a few minutes or seconds.

Even if you’ve been a Wordle master from day one, sometimes the game throws a word at you that leaves you scratching your head. But hey, if you need a sneak peek at a hint, that’s okay. We’ve got your back – tips that can nudge you in the right direction without giving away all the secrets.

Come on, friends! Wordle #960 Spoiler alert ahead. If curiosity gets the better of you and you’re ready for the big reveal, by all means, read on and reveal the secret Wordle word of the day!

What Was Yesterday’s Wordle?

What Was Yesterday's Wordle?

Alright, it’s time to put on your thinking caps for game #959, dated February 3.

But before we dive into today’s clues, let’s have a quick flashback to yesterday’s word, which was “MICRO.”

What is Today’s Wordle Answer?

Now, Uncover today’s mystery:

  1. The first letter in today’s Wordle is V.
  2. Today’s Wordle answer means on the threshold.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to solving today’s Wordle problem.

Good luck!

Today's Wordle Answer

Wordle friends,

What is today’s Wordle Answer?

Ready for the big reveal? The answer to today’s Wordle is:

Did you get the answer right?

How many times did you succeed in trying it?

Now celebrate your victory over today’s Wordle!

Wordle fans, while today’s answer is revealed, save this page! We will refresh this page daily with the latest Wordle solutions.


If you are looking for past Wordle answers list 2024, we can help with that too. This list of Wordle answers dates back to January 1, 2024.

● Wordle #958: CLEFT

● Wordle #957: ALIVE
● Wordle #956: BULKY
● Wordle #955: EXPEL
● Wordle #954: LEGGY

● Wordle #953: EMBER
● Wordle #952: SNAKE
● Wordle #951: ALOOF
● Wordle #950: BLOCK
● Wordle #949: RELIC
● Wordle #948: STILL
● Wordle #947: TWEAK
● Wordle #946: NORTH
● Wordle #945: LARGE
● Wordle #944: THING
● Wordle #943: STOLE
● Wordle #942: COURT
● Wordle #941: BLOND
● Wordle #940: LUNCH
● Wordle #939: DOING
● Wordle #938: HEARD
● Wordle #937: ROUTE
● Wordle #936: BRIEF
● Wordle #935: THREW
● Wordle #934: LINER
● Wordle #933: FINAL
● Wordle #932: STONY
● Wordle #931: CABLE
● Wordle #930: LUNGE
● Wordle #929: SCANT
● Wordle #928: TWIRL
● Wordle #927: AGING

FAQ about Wordle

  1. 1. What is Wordle?

    Wordle is a popular online word game that has captured the hearts of puzzle enthusiasts around the world.
    Created by Josh Wardle, a software engineer from Brooklyn known for his inventive social experiments, Wordle offers a new word challenge each day that players can solve using strategic guesswork.

  2. 2. How to play Wordle?

    How to play Wordle? 
You're presented with a grid when you land on the Wordle website, consisting of 5 columns and 6 rows. This grid is your canvas for guessing a five-letter word. You type in your guess and hit 'Enter' to submit it.
    The real fun begins after your first guess. Each letter in your submitted word will change color, providing clues to guide your next guess.
    Green indicates you've got the right letter in the correct spot.
    Yellow means the letter is in the word but not in the right place.
    Grey signals that the letter isn't in the word at all.

    Whether you're a word game aficionado or just looking for a daily mental exercise, Wordle's simple yet engaging format offers a satisfying puzzle to crack.


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