April 24, 2024
Top 20 Most Iconic Dragon Ball Female Characters
The Dragon Ball universe is filled with powerful and charismatic characters, and the female characters are no exception. They are warriors, scientists, and leaders who have left an indelible mark on the series. Here's a look at the top 20 most iconic female characters in Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball has many fans worldwide, and it has become one of the most influential of all time.

Most of the characters in “Dragon Ball” are men, but there are actually a lot of Dragon Ball female characters as well. Since there are so many female characters, who is your favorite?

20. Pan (DB)

Pan is the granddaughter of Goku, the hero of Earth, and Mr. Satan, the world winner. She is mostly Earthling because her parents, Gohan, a Saiyan-Earthling mix, and Videl, an Earthling, gave birth to her. This makes her a quarter-Saiyan.

Pan gets her grandfather Goku’s fighting instincts. As the series goes on, she realizes her full potential and learns to become a Super Saiyan, showing her increased strength.

19. Oceanus Shenron

Oceanus Shenron is the water element, and he has the power to control and change techniques that use water. She is a charming and manipulative dragon who manipulates people to achieve her desires.

Oceanus Shenron’s first appearance is that of a small dragon with a blue body and a snake-like shape. She can, however, change into her real form, which is a much bigger and more dangerous dragon.

Oceanus Shenron’s character arc isn’t as long as some of the other baddies in Dragon Ball, but she is still a very important bad guy in “Dragon Ball GT.”

18. Maron

Maron is a pretty young woman with blonde hair and an easygoing attitude. She is known for being flirty and for wearing clothes that show a lot. Maron falls for Krillin despite her superficial and materialistic nature.

When Maron’s character shows up, she is mostly there to make people laugh and add to the show’s lighter moments.

17. Zangya

In the movie, Zangya is one of Bojack’s gang’s strong and cruel criminals. She is a skilled fighter who can move quickly and easily. Zangya’s main job is to help Bojack with his plan to take over the world by eliminating any possible threats, like the Z Fighters.

Her character is sure of herself and has a cold attitude. She is fiercely loyal to Bojack.

It’s important to know that Zangya’s character only appears in the movie. She doesn’t show up in the main Dragon Ball series or any of the story arcs that come after it.

16. Bulla

Bulla is Vegeta and Bulma’s second child and their only daughter. She is also Trunk’s younger sister.

As a child, Bulla is often happy and eager to please. As a teenager, she becomes like her mother: strong-willed, bossy, sassy, sarcastic, and spoiled. Bulla has been violent since childhood but lacks Saiyan’s drive to win and anger.

15. West Supreme Kai

West Supreme Kai first appears in Dragon Ball Z’s Babidi Saga, where she joins the fight against the evil wizard Babidi and his goon, Majin Buu. Shin works with the Z Fighters and gives them advice and help as they try to stop Buu from returning to life and causing trouble.

As the show goes on, West Supreme Kai’s real potential comes out, showing how good she is at divine techniques and how she can protect the universe. Even among the most powerful fighters in the Dragon Ball world, she proves to be a force to be reckoned with.

14. Android 21

Android 21 is an Android that was made from the Vomi model. She is the major bad guy in Dragon Ball FighterZ when she is in her evil form. She is almost as smart as Dr. Gero and might be smarter than him.

Because of how she was made, Android 21 has a natural, uncontrollable urge to eat. She likes sweets and treats like Majin Buu, and her best is macarons. But she can’t control her hunger, and she has to fight to keep from turning other people into treats and eating them.

13. Ribrianne

Ribrianne is a character in the Dragon Ball Super anime series. She is also known as Ribrianne the Lovely. She is a warrior from Universe 2 and participates in the Tournament of Power, a multiverse battle royale where teams from different realms fight to stay alive.

Ribrianne is a change of a figure named Brianne de Chateau who looks like a person. Brianne changes into Ribrianne when she uses her magical skills and goes through a physical change.

In short, Ribrianne is a character from Dragon Ball Super full of life and love.

12. Mai

Mai was first seen as a Pilaf Gang member, including Emperor Pilaf and Shu. She is smart and sneaky. Together, they go after the Dragon Balls to get the power and money they want.

Mai’s exchanges with young Goku and his friends in Dragon Ball are often funny and involve trying to outsmart each other. Even though she starts as an enemy, she grows to like and value Goku and his friends.

11. Towa

Towa is a demon from the Demon Realm. She is the sister of Dabura, the demon king.

As a scientist, Towa knows much about going back in time and using dark magic. She uses these powers to make and strengthen different bad guys. This makes them stronger and a bigger threat to the Dragon Ball heroes. Towa’s final goal is to change the past and make a world where her race of demons rules.

10. Kefla

Kefla is a hybrid character made when the Potara earrings were used to join Kale and Caulifla, two strong female Saiyans.

Kefla has so much power as a fusion that it can compete with the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball world. Her strength, speed, and skills are a mix of those of both Kale and Caulifla, which makes her power grow exponentially.

Kefla’s attitude is what makes her who she is. She is fierce and sure of herself. She loves the thrill of the fight and wants to show her strength by taking on strong opponents. Her fusion form gives her a big edge, and her strength and determination often catch her opponents by surprise.

9. Kale

Kale is from Universe 6 and is a Saiyan. She is a part of Team Universe 6. Kale is Caulifla’s best friend, like a sister, and looks up to her. She is Universe 6’s most recent Legendary Saiyan, a demon fighter who only shows up once every 1,000 years.

In the anime, Kale is very meek and shy, unlike most Saiyans, who are violent, bossy, or at least strong-willed. She is very insecure and lacks self-confidence, so it’s clear that she thinks she’s nothing special. She is also shy around new people, even ones who are as nice as Goku.

8. Caulifla

Caulifla is a fighter who is bold and sure of himself. He has natural ability and a strong desire for power. She is the younger sister of Saiyan Cabba and becomes a key figure in the growth of Saiyan warriors from Universe 6.

Her personality is bold and independent. She doesn’t mind going against the rules and wants to show she is the strongest warrior in her world. Caulifla’s strong will and determination inspire those around her, and both her friends and enemies value her for it.

7. Fortuneteller Baba

Fortuneteller Baba is an old witch and Master Roshi’s older sister. She first appears in the Commander Red Saga in a vision while Goku is in Korin Tower looking at the past, present, and future.

Baba is an old woman with a hunched back. She wears a long robe and a cap, a traditional outfit for a fortune teller. Even though she is old, she has a lot of knowledge and magical skills, and her predictions and insights are taken very seriously.

6. Launch

Launch’s main trait is that she has two different personalities, which makes her look and act very different. She has blue hair and a sweet, kind, and innocent nature when she is herself. But when she sneezes, and her hair goes blonde, she becomes angry and unpredictable and often does illegal things.

Launch’s random behavior and funny encounters add a lighthearted touch to the show. Her changes happen when she sneezes, and she can switch between her two selves at any time, leading to funny situations and mistakes.

5. Gine

Gine is a Saiyan woman who used to be a low-class warrior. She was married to Bardock and gave birth to Raditz and Goku.

Gine was one of the few Saiyans to make it out alive after Frieza told Planet Vegeta to be destroyed. She and Bardock sent their baby son Goku to Earth in a space pod to protect him from the coming disaster. Gine stayed on Planet Vegeta, where she and the rest of her people died when Frieza attacked and wiped out their home world.

4. Videl

At first, Videl doesn’t believe that people can have superpowers or that ki (life energy) powers exist. But she is curious when she sees Gohan, dressed as the “Great Saiyaman,” easily beat thieves while pretending to be someone else. Videl goes on a mission to find out who the Great Saiyaman is, but she needs to find out that Gohan is the person she’s looking for.

Videl starts to fall for Gohan as she spends more time with him. Eventually, she discovers his secret identity as the Great Saiyaman. Videl becomes Gohan’s confidante and helps him fight against different threats to Earth.

3. Android 18

Lazuli used to be a human, but the strange scientist Dr. Gero turned her and her twin brother Lapis into androids because he wanted to get back at the Z Fighters for losing before. As Android 18, she has much power, better physical skills, and techniques that use energy.

At first, Android 18 and her brother, Android 17, look like bad guys because they are designed to kill Goku and his friends. However, she has a big change of heart when she meets Krillin, one of Goku’s best friends. Krillin’s kindness and care move Android 18, so she spares him during their fight.

After that, Android 18 joins forces with Krillin strangely and finally falls in love with him. She gives up her harmful training and decides to live more peacefully. She joins the Z Fighters and becomes an important part of the group.

2. Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi is the Ox King’s daughter and the Fire Mountain princess. She later gets married to Goku and raises Gohan and Goten with love. She starts out as a shy and scared girl, but as she ages, she changes into a tomboyish, tough, and powerful person. This makes her angry sometimes, which happens several times throughout the series. Even so, she has shown Goku and their boys throughout the series how much she loves them.

Chi-Chi is very strict, but she loves her family very much and wants the best for them. She loves Goku no matter what, even though he is often carefree and naive, which can irritate her. Chi-Chi is very careful about her kids and will do anything to keep them safe and healthy.

1. Bulma

Bulma is a technology and science genius who can use her skills in almost any area and effortlessly understand alien technology. Her ideas and Capsule Corporation’s resources have often helped Goku and the Dragon Team. The Dragon Radar is her best-known idea.

Bulma is known for being bold and strong-willed, in addition to her technical skills. She is a strong, independent woman who says what she thinks. Her strong personality comes out in how she interacts with other characters, like how she is best friends with Goku and sometimes fights with him.

The End

Above are the 20 most iconic Dragon Ball female characters, in which Bulma is the representative figure of women. “Dragon Ball” is actually Bulma’s whole life. She’s my favorite! It wasn’t Goku or Vegeta that changed the world. It was Bulma! Which female character do you like best? Feel free to leave a reply below!



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